Production sheep that show well

We show to promote the breed and educate the public, we do not have "show" sheep, our sheep are pasture raised, we supplement mostly with forage products.                         Education is a big part of why we only go to shows that are at fairs so the public is available. There’s such a disconnect between the farmer and the consumer which is increasingly made worse by animal rights activists. Animal welfare is important but that’s not what these extremists focus on. Removal of all animals in our lives is their main goal.


We are having a real impact on the perception of the Katahdin as a serious meat sheep and a good choice for someone looking for a good easy care maternal meat breed that doesn’t require shearing.

We walk the sheep about the fairgrounds and they are turning heads, we hear "Look at the Katahdins!" All which would not happen if we didn't attend fairs. I first saw Katahdins at our Oregon State Fair, I  was interested in hair sheep and Katahdins had the most meat.

After 30 years of raising a big wooled meat breed sheep I got into Katahdins and I just love them! So much less work! No shearing or crutching or messy wool. Easy lambing with little work! Great feet and we continue to have parasite resistance and do no regular worming of the ewe flock. Vigorous lambs and great maternal instincts in the ewes, out of season lambing, good growth and milking on grass, the list goes on!