About US

We live in the temperate Willamette Valley in Northwest Oregon, this is a good area to raise grass fed lamb. There is a lot of interest in raising lean healthy meat and the Katahdin is an excellent choice to do this. KRK Katadins strives to raise and sell quality breeding stock and we have been working hard to improve the Katahdin breed in the NW as well as educate the public about what our breed can do for them.

We run about 120 ewes in a pasture/forge based management system. By raising our sheep mostly on pasture and using forage products when needed to supplement it we can produce a lean lamb that meets the public’s needs for taste and health.

I’ve been working for 20 years to improve the size, muscling and growth rates of the flock while keeping their great hair coats, milking and mothering abilities. We are getting more pounds of lamb weaned per ewe and have shortened the time from birth to market size. Our ewes consistently lamb with mostly twins and triplets and have the milking and mothering abilities to do a good job raising all their lambs

We lamb a group 2-3 times a year. We like to wean 225% lamb crops with good growthy lambs. Over the years we’ve brought in new genetics through rams to make keep up several genetic lines. By using these rams on our own good ewes and consistently selecting for excellence in size, muscling, growth, milking and parasite resistance we have developed a flock that is having a real impact on the perception of the breed on the West Coast. Repeat buyers report how well our sheep are doing in their flock in various parts of the country.

The word is spreading about this great breed!

The last nine years we have been using EBVs in the NSIP. This is another tool we can use to measure performance and help us make good selections and improvements in the flock. More and more people are now using EBVs to make breeding stock selections to improve their flocks.

This is the third year we’ve been in a parasite study and we now have EBVs (estimated breeding values) for FEC (fecal egg count)

Our flock tests neg for OPP, Johnes and CL and is Scrapie Export Certified.